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Hi there and Welcome! I’m so happy to have you here!

Who am I?

Sue here, aka Pixie! My passion is guiding you to feel aligned, balanced and content with your life, to help you feel WHOLE again.

For over 15 years I have worked in wellbeing and spiritual fields, as a crystal therapist and Reiki practitioner, teaching meditation and relaxation, and craft and spiritual development workshops.

I’m often described as, slightly nutty cross between a motorbike and rock music lover and a tree hugging, rainbow loving hippie! Oh, and I LOVE cake!!!

Sue Phillips self car spiritual wellness

Why I do what I do!

Many years ago I experienced a very traumatic time in my life.  Several events happened in quick succession, which left me with severe depression, anxiety and PTSD (you can read the full story here).

It took time, but I brought myself out the other side using techniques that I developed myself after being completely overwhelmed by the mass of conflicting advice I received from professionals, friends and books.

I found a new me, and discovered a passion for life that was the kind of feeling I remembered from carefree childhood. I learned things about myself that have made me who I am today, and living a life that I wouldn’t go back and change given the opportunity.

So I’m passionate about helping you do the same and feel like the true you again.  To feel joy and happiness in your life, and learn the little ways, as well as the big ways that you can implement in your life to help you feel WHOLE again.

So enough about me for now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

Can I help you?…

I can if you’re feeling like any of these…

  • Your focus has always been raising a family and providing a safe and loving environment but as they become more independent you’re feeling a little lost and that your efforts aren’t appreciated so much any more.
  • You don’t feel like yourself anymore, you wonder who you actually are and what your purpose is.
  • You are disheartened with the world. You feel like there is more to life than the drudgery of going through the motions each day.
  • you’ve lost your mojo, life has lost its spark
  • You are experiencing a lack of focus & can’t see an exciting or bright future ahead of you.

…and you want to…

  • have enthusiasm to get up each morning so you can tackle anything the day throws at you with confidence!
  • feel fulfilled and happy, because you know that will rub off on everyone around you and lift them up too!
  • have exciting things in your life for YOU to look forward to!
  • feel that you have a purpose in life so that YOU feel worthy of respect!
  • feel happy, contented, vibrant & passionate about life!
Self Care and Spiritual Development

Where to start?…

Are you feeling fed up, stuck in a rut and you’re wondering how to feel like you again, but don’t know where to start?

I have created a Self-Care workbook  to help you find some direction which is free for you to download.  You can get this sent straight to your inbox as soon as you sign up to receive my newsletter, which is packed with tips to help you along.

Come and join The Zen Circle community group full of likeminded souls over on Facebook.  It’s a great starting point, with short weekly meditations, Q&A sessions, guidance and information to begin your spiritual and self-care journey.

Self-Care for your soul…

We often make the mistake of not caring for our spirit as we would our body.  But it’s part of your whole self, to not care for it would result in not feeling whole.

Creating and developing a connection with your spirit will lead to an aligned, empowering and uplifting lifestyle.

Through my 1:1 coaching and programmes, I can guide you to find what feels aligned to you and develop your spiritual gifts, creating a tailored spiritual practice that will empower and balance your life.

How it all works…

Step 1

Grab your copy of the Creating Zen newsletter, along with loads of freebies!

Join us in The Zen Circle, our uplifting, private community group over on Facebook.  I hold weekly short reset meditations, single card oracle readings and much more!

Sue Phillips Coaching

Step 2

Let’s have a no obligation online video chat, get to know each other and see if we are a good fit.

If we are, then I will recommend ways in which we can work together – I offer several different options.

Sue Phillips Spiritual Life Coach

Step 3

Enrol in a course or book on a 1:1 coaching programme.
I would be so excited for you to show up for yourself and to work with you and be part of your journey!
Lets work on Creating your Zen and your new aligned you!

Sue Phillips 1 to 1 coaching

Step 4

Guiding and mentoring you in the areas you would like to address, and what would be most beneficial to you is my commitment to you.

Your commitment is to yourself – to show up as your best self, dedicate to implement and put in the effort to gain the best results.

Creating Zen

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