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When it comes to knowing easy ways to relax, we all know there are numerous health benefits, but have you thought of this…

Using effective ways to stop stress and negative emotions in its tracks will give you confidence.  When you have a strategy to alleviate negative feelings, that you can bring out any time, will give you peace of mind that you can deal with almost anything in your stride!

 So let’s get to them!

Ways to say no without feeling guilty

Counting your Breath

I always talk about this technique because I love it and it’s so easy! In fact if you have subscribed to my newsletter you would have seen a video I shared about it in my welcome series.

You have probably heard of the ‘count to ten’ idea, but I don’t usually find it helps that much.  As I ascend up the numbers, I feel that my stress level ascends too. So I do this instead.

  •  When you breathe in, say ‘one’ to yourself
  • When you breathe out, say ‘one’ to yourself
  • When you breathe in, say ‘one’ to yourself
  • When you breathe out, say ‘one’ to yourself….you see where I’m going with this?!

Now let’s add to it…

  • With each ‘in’ breath, push your belly out, pulling in the air.
  • With each ‘out’ breath, pull your belly in, pushing out the air.

This allows your lungs to fill properly, letting the maximum amount of oxygen to be absorbed.  It also allows your body to relax while you breath. To start with, you may notice your shoulders relaxing as soon as you add the belly pulling and pushing.

Continue with this until you can actually feel yourself relaxing and the stress disappearing.

3 ways to say no without feeling guilty

Pick an Object

This can be any object that you have within reach at any time you need to do this, or if you prefer, it can be any object you choose to visualise.

  • Take a moment or two to notice and focus on all of these different aspects of your object.
  • It’s shape – is it curved, angular? Trace the edges with your fingers
  • It’s texture – is it soft, hard, smooth, rough?
  • It’s colour – is it bright, dull, pastel, dark, a single colour or multicoloured?
  • It’s smell – is it sweet, acidic, woody, floral?
  • What feelings does it bring to you?

Taking your mind off and diverting it away from the stress that you were feeling is very grounding.  It’s like a reset button! 


Focus on your Feet

This is amazing if you can be barefoot on some grass, but works equally well with shoes on when you are inside, like under your desk!

  • Take your attention to your feet
  • Imagine roots growing out of the bottom of them.
  • Visualise the roots growing into the earth, deeper and deeper, branching out.
  • Now imagine the stress you have been feeling, falling through your body, to your feet and down your roots into the earth.
  • Then visualise a white light coming up from the earth, through your roots and entering your body.
  • Allow the white light to fill your body.

This is a wonderful grounding exercise, that refreshes your energy and emotions with positive and uplifting vibes!

3 ways to say no without feeling guilty


There are several reasons why I think these are great,

  • They are easy and they work!
  • No one knows you are doing them
  • You can do them almost anywhere – I wouldn’t recommend doing them while driving or operating machinery though!

Best of all, these are valuable tools to keep in your bag of self care tricks, that you can use over and over again whenever you need an easy way to relax.

It doesn’t matter if sometimes you can’t remember how to do them exactly as I’ve explained, the main thing is the result.

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Until next time, Pixie love! xx

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