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Hello lovely reader!

What a start to the year we’ve had!  I’ve been really busy at ZPC HQ, creating lots of awesome things for you!

Today, I’m very excited to announce the new Creating Zen Community Group, on Facebook!

It’s a supportive, uplifting and inspiring space where you can find inner peace and Create your Zen!

Creating Zen Community Group, Uplift inspire empower

What Happens in the Creating Zen Community Group?

Well, it’s a group where you can enrich and empower your life….

  • Transform your mind-set and discover coping strategies for when overwhelm strikes.
  • Creating a self care plan that works with your routines when you don’t know where to start.
  • Bring self healing and contentment to your life when you just need a little inner peace.
  • Learning and developing spiritual gifts that will bring your spirit joy…
meditation and relaxation,
working with the phases of the moon,
using divination,
crafts and much more!


What’s Going on When?

Every Monday there is a FREE live meditation. It’s a short one, about 15 minutes, so perfect for busy and demanding lives!

Every Wednesday is Oracle Card day, It’s a live one card pull.  If you would like a card pulled for you, just comment on the post earlier that day!

We have also been catching up on a Friday, in a live session called Friday Chill Out & Chat! I am there to answer any questions, and if something specific comes up during the week, I will do a talk on it. This last week was all about cleansing crystals!

Most lives are saved in the ‘Guide’ section (formerly Units) so there’s always a chance to replay to catch up or just to dive in again!

I have so many exciting things in the pipeline for the group too, you are definitely going to want to be the first to hear about them!

So come on over and join in the fun!

These are the times of all scheduled live sessions in Creating Zen for February (all times in GMT UK time)…

Mondays – 7pm – Live Meditation

Wednesdays – 7.30pm – Live Oracle Card readings

Fridays – 6.30pm – Live Chill Out & Chat


Cleansing Crystals Freebie! 

I mentioned that last week we were talking about crystals, well, cleansing them to be specific –

  • different ways to cleanse them
  • methods to avoid if you’re not sure what minerals your crystal is formed from
  • how often you should cleanse them

Our lovely members wanted a way to keep this information, so they would remember it all.  So I obliged and created a downloadable Pdf Info sheet!

If you would like a copy, and you are already signed up to my mailing list, then you will be sent a link to access it.

If you haven’t already signed up and you would like a copy, you can do that here!

I can’t wait to see you in the Creating Zen community group!  So until then,

Sending Pixie love and blessings xx


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